Project Description

Tattu, Edinburgh

Tattu’s award-winning approach to interior design ensures that each restaurant is entirely unique in its aesthetic.

Carefully designed to take guests on a sensory, as well as culinary journey – the dining experience starts under a tunnel of Sakura blossoms, lit in striking purple as a signature element of every Tattu restaurant.

The stunning bespoke ceiling feature of this restaurant is a hand-painted Chinese artwork that we backlit using tuneable LED panels, visually anchoring the centre of the room. The seamlessly integrated lighting, using our Dot Spotlights, enhances the architectural details and themes wherever possible, leaving only decorative fixtures exposed as features and light effects.

The stand-out design feature are the bespoke lantern pendants that are inspired by the Chinese pagoda, which float elegantly above the tables. The lanterns were manufactured and assembled by hand in the UK. The contrast of the lanterns against the blossoms creates drama and intimacy with a secondary lamp built in below the lantern, to create pools of light down onto the centre of every table, a detail to make the cutlery and glass on the tables sparkle.

Standard Products Installed: Dot spotlight

Bespoke Products Installed: LED panels, Lantern pendants