Project Description

Nando’s New Brighton

Every Nando’s is unique; their mission is to create beautiful spaces, whilst also supporting local communities, with minimum impact on the planet. Sourcing many products from local artisans in Africa.

Nando’s interiors take Inspiration from their Southern Africa roots, lighting is vibrant and eclectic with statement pieces taking centre stage enhancing the original artwork and relaxed atmosphere.

Bold, hand woven circular pendants are the show piece here set off by simple focused downlights, spotlights and LED strip creating a dramatic space.

Standard Products Installed: Sunbeam B Adjustable, Sunbeam B Fixed, Sunbeam Mini, Mini Undershelf Recessed, Dot Spotlight, Cockle Spot, Stelline LED strip

Sourced Products Installed: Track Mounted Downlight and spotlights, Woven circular pendants