Project Description

MY Tatiana

At an impressive 263ft the magnificent Tatiana is Bilgin Yachts graceful new flagship.

She was born out of a collaboration between a Superyacht enthusiast with an ambition to build a small yacht fleet and a family-owned shipyard, rooted on the western shores of the Bosporus, who have the passion and dedication to deliver her.

The exterior design by Unique Yacht Design is characterised by sharp, crisp lines and a quantifiable commitment to reducing carbon emissions as it features a special exhaust system that provides 100% clean air emission.

The interior, by the fabulous H2 Yacht Design, is based on a light and rich palette, delivering an elegant, chic and contemporary feel.

Light Corporation once again had the pleasure of working alongside both incredible design companies, providing them with our full range of services, including our bespoke, decorative light fittings as well as our standard in ground, wall and ceiling products for all the luxury areas internally and externally.

Standard Products Installed: Replicant, Zora, Dekard, Quad Reading Light, Double Replicant