Project Description

Big Easy, Kings Road

Back in early 2012 we met with Macaulay Sinclair to discuss ‘The Big Easy’ project. The second in the chain for the B-B-Q and Crabshack restaurant on the Kings Road. This second restaurant was to take refuge in a 10,000SqFt space situated on Maiden Lane in the heart of Covent Garden, the building itself was once home to one of London’s first electric power stations and originally owned by the infamous Gatti brothers of Charing Cross Electricity Supply Co.

Now a thriving BBQ joint boasting a huge 9 metre long display kitchen, where the smell of burning cherry-wood engulfs the senses. Neon Lobsters in cages and Live Blues Harmonica bring authenticity to this slice of Americana.

The building itself wreaks of Industry, with it’s past is evident in the heavy steel and brickwork and overhead cranes on display through the space. Macaulay Sinclair cleverly retained this and brought in a fresh taste of Americana in the Artwork on the walls to the US car number plate wall.

The same goes for the lighting, we had to bring something fresh but also retain the original industrial feel. Large oversized Czech factory pendants were painted a bright blaze Red and then beaten up with chains to make them look old.

The spotlights throughout the space had 10° narrow beam lamps in them to pierce through the dark and create tight pools of light on the floor to retain the dramatic atmosphere. The enormous ground floor back bar, which boasts 500+ spirits, is illuminated using over 350 MES lamps on strings of twisted cotton cable. Followed lastly by Neon Lobsters suspended overhead in black cages.

Interior Designers: Macaulay Sinclair

Standard Products Installed:  Leon Spotlight, Replicant Round