Project Description

Benito’s Hat, Farringdon

The Farringdon restaurant was the first Benito’s Hat we were invited to work on. Named after the first native Mexican president famous for his flamboyant headwear, a signature crown of neon lifts ‘Benito’s Hat’ above the plethora of brands offering Mexican staples such as tacos, enchiladas and the ubiquitous burrito.

For this unique space to work as both a fast paced lunchtime joint and also a night-time cocktail venue, required careful consideration with regards lighting. Our response was “Lets make a huge Tequila Sunset made of Neon, that’ll look awesome!”

The site, a stone’s throw from Smithfield Market, features rough rendered finishes, exposed brickwork, ‘gas pipe’ wall lights paired with a forest of recycled ‘bucket’ pendants, park benches and a copper topped lunch counter that converts into a fully fledged tequila bar at night with the help of the Neon Tequila sunset that adorns the ceiling

Interior Designers: Dover Design

Standard Products Installed:  Replicant Round, Replicant Double

Bespoke Products Installed: Neon ‘Benito’s Hat’, ‘Gas Pipe’ Wall Lights, Recycled ‘Bucket’ Pendants