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Hello and welcome to the brand new home of LIGHT CORPORATION

We hope the technical features on the site will act as helpful tools when specifying products you are looking for. With you in mind, the aim of the site is to become a one stop shop for all your lighting needs - whether it be information about the LIGHT CORPORATION's products or guidance on selecting the ideal luminaire for the correct application – LIGHT CORPORATION aims to lead the way

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Whether on site or in the office, the information on the website will be a accessible to you on any device - whatever the screen size!
Filter your luminaire choice by anything from Type to IP rating.
Once you have made your selection, each product has a Configurator to guide you through specifying all you need it to be.

Please browse the site to find out more about the LIGHT CORPORATION and our products. We’d be delighted to hear what you think of the site by completing the feedback questionnaire tabbed on the side – all feedback is confidential, acted upon and appreciated!

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Introducing Replicant

Permanent / Change

Replicant is a revolutionary new concept designed to fill a void in the lighting design industry; a luminaire range that utilises interchangeable internal parts and accessories, providing a vast array of solutions to the problems a lighting designer...