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Replicant : Permanent/Change

A revolutionary new downlight concept, to fill a void in the lighting industry.

Posted 20th October 2017

Replicant is a revolutionary new concept designed to fill a void in the lighting design industry; a luminaire range that utilises interchangeable internal parts and accessories, providing a vast array of solutions to the problems a lighting designer encounters when planning and designing a lighting scheme. Even after completion, Replicant offers enormous flexibility to evolve with the needs of a client.

Supported by a rich history of designing and manufacturing – Replicant is a game changer, set to be a design classic, holding its own against some of the bestselling and well received architectural light fittings we have created over the last 25 years.

Round Fixed Darklight


Supplied in 1 of 3 possibly bezel types – round, square and a trimless plaster-in variant; all with the possibility of interchangeable inners to satisfy any interior lighting design requirement.

With inners ranging from Fixed Flush to Recessed Baffled Pin-spot, from an Adjustable to a Midi Heritage spotlight version; Replicant offers designers a truly expansive tool kit of luminaire variations and parts, to create the exact look and feel for any interior application.

Round Adjustable Midi Heritage spotlight

Transcendent, timeless design - Replicant re-defines flexibility and versatility for the modern era.


Designed with an ease of installation in mind, the decision to have only one cut-out size needed (bezel dependant) means time and energy is saved.

The flexibility to change the inner means that as an interior evolves, the Replicant can be updated to reflect a different requirement arising.

All inners (excluding the Midi Heritage spotlight) come with the versatility of utilising a dedicated LED light engine, LED replacement lamp or Low voltage halogen options; bridging the gap between old and new.

Round Adjustable Baffles

Offering a simple and clean design that allows the engineering and technical excellence to speak for itself – Replicant's versatility and potential truly offers permanent/change.

Configure your Replicant Round, Replicant Square & Replicant Trimless