Manufacturing and Testing

Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

We stringently and rigorously test our luminaires on all aspects of build quality and efficacy. From selecting the right materials, a particular LED chip, or the correct heat sink, everything is meticulously checked for quality and accuracy using the old carpenters maxim ‘measure twice, cut once’. Below are our processes…

Quality Control

Our quality management system documents all aspects of design and operational controls, including monitoring, issue reporting, continuous improvements and training, in order to ensure that product design and manufacturing have statistically in-control repeatable product deliveries.

Item Master

We keep an ‘item master’ list of all components that we will build or assemble into our products. This includes information such as the size, shape, material, manufacturer, manufacturer part number, and vendor for each component. Vital to our process, and vital so we can trace them back to a supplier if necessary at future date.

Approved Manufacturer List

A set of approved relationships exists between us, our suppliers and manufacturers of parts and components that we use in the assembly of all of our products. Each relationship links a manufacturer’s part number to an internal LC part number, and results from the R&D team’s identifying the third-party parts that can be used to satisfy the manufacturing demand for the LC internal part. All approved, AML parts for each internal part can share a single inventory bin.


All of our LED luminaires are tested in-house for the quantity, colour, quality and spatial distribution of light emitted. The results measured by the spectrometer are exported as IES files by default, but can converted to other formats for the convenience of lighting technicians and designers. Along with the IES files, the information collected allows us to create accurate specification sheets for supply.


As part of the data collection for the spec sheets, all LED luminaires are temperature tested using a Thermocouple Data logger. These measurements are made both quickly and accurately whilst the luminaire is held in an unnaturally compromised situation, way beyond that at which it would normally operate.

IP Rating

All fittings are rigorously tested to see how well they perform in extreme conditions. We use a 2m deep acrylic tube designed to test our submersible, wet area products. Testing for water ingress in this way allows us to give our clients complete peace of mind, and confidence in our products.

Having the ability to measure this data in-house, allows us to be eminently proactive to a client’s request. If a certain LED is required or a ceiling void is a certain depth, a customer can be safe in the knowledge that we have replicated a ‘worse case’ scenario to test our fittings to assure you of the very ‘best case’ outcomes for your project.

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