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For a former carpenter who should have had a career crafting oak refectory tables in deepest Devon, David casts a long shadow in the lighting industry…  

A northern soul boy, David arrived in London in 1980 with his beautiful wife Gail in an old Ford Escort with a two-man tent. He quickly landed a Saturday job at the prestigious London Lighting Company, ending his tenure there in 1987 as Company Director.  He’s been his own man ever since…

A collector and admirer of beautiful things, (Whitefriers glass, Panerai watches, Jeffery West shoes, the list goes on…) you’ll invariably find him in his man cave making and repairing stuff. His favoured maxim ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’ continues to fuel his ambition of simply designing and manufacturing the right kind of light fittings, that that produce the right kind of light.

Having lit some of the most incredible places, spaces, and things globally, David’s greatest triumph remains that of continuing to build his family business as a leading British lighting brand that is revered, respected, and award-winning the world over…(and he’s still the only Blackberry user we know)!

After earning a First-Class degree in Product Design Engineering from Brunel University, Tom began his career designing bespoke architectural lighting products for landmark projects across the UK; most notably the Royal National Theatre and Victoria & Albert Museum. He jumped ship to join us four years ago, focussing on managing our global Superyacht lighting projects.

When he’s not cycling in the Chiltern Hills or climbing mountains, he can be found presenting our products to Superyacht designers or engineers, and installers in the shipbuilding yards of Northern Europe and beyond.

He can spot a scratch in mirror-polished stainless steel a mile off – something that has earned him a formidable reputation amongst our suppliers.

After graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Theatre Design and Technology, Georgia followed her dream by travelling halfway around the world to Sydney to live and work before moving on to spend a year exploring Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

Having previously worked in various high-pressured event and office management roles, she finally saw the light and joined us in 2019. As a devotee of KonMari she loves a system for everything she does. She has developed the business internally by creating sales plans and systems, and externally by managing some of our most important client accounts, ensuring they have a smooth customer experience from quote to delivery.

She’s passionate about interior design and is always planning, drawing, painting, making or building something…be it IKEA flat pack, or a new marketing campaign! Her favourite expression is ‘I can do it!’…and she does

Throughout his childhood Chris was always aware of the importance of good lighting. There are not many kids that walk into a toy shop and notice the lighting first, then the toys – having a father in the industry will do that!

Chris spent his youth collecting comic books and film memorabilia, dreaming one day of being an illustrator for Marvel.  However post landing a job in old and dimly lit bar whilst studying, Chris vowed to rid the world of shoddy lighting one project at a time, and began his career as a lighting designer.

Through his love of lighting and appreciation of architecture, he’s been able to specialise in the technical, commercial and creative sides of the industry; travelling the world and remaining faithful to his personal mission.

Sham is our enthusiastic product designer. With a First-Class Honours degree in his pocket for product design, his belief that ‘light chooses you’, propelled him into lighting design.  Something we are grateful for.

Sham combines his knowledge of 3D CAD engineering and graphic design, to bring to life creative ideas both big and small. With us for 10 years, you just have to step inside a Nando’s, Tattu, Warner Bros Studios Leavesden, or the Imperial War Museum, Caffé Nero – and you’ll see his clever creations in all their glory.

Nathan graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Business Management and then a Masters in Construction Management from Reading University.

Overseeing orders of all sizes Nathan is a key component in the client facing side of large projects. He assists with all queries raised, and is keen to ensure that customer satisfaction is of the highest level. With a focus on continuous improvement (Kaizen) he always holds a ‘we can do better’ attitude to works’ undertaken.

Since the age of 7 he has participated in the Olympic sport of Fencing and over the years has represented Wales and Great Britain at both Junior and Senior levels. As a two-time Junior Commonwealth silver medallist, he has travelled the world both for sport and pleasure and always looks forward to exploring everything that the world has to offer.

Born in a small village in India, determined to succeed Tarun studied hard and graduated from Gujarat University with a B.Com in Accounts and Auditing.

Ambitious to explore the world Tarun left India in 2006 and made his way to England, where his career developed further, working in a variety of industries such as Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Property and now Lighting, Tarun has a wealth of experience in the world of finance and is the well respected Finance Manager of Light Corporation.

In addition to running the accounts department Tarun has in-depth knowledge in the world of IT and has successfully implemented well run business process systems and has also successfully  gained the credible status of Associate for the Institute of Financial Accounts (AFA).

When Tarun is not working at Light Corporation he is a valued volunteer providing administrative services to an Education Charity, where he also organises events and assists with fund raising as well as enjoying time with his wife and beautiful twin daughters.

On partial completion of her accounting qualification of CIMA, Darsita joined out team to gain experience in the wonderful world of accounts. She bought with her spectacular organisational skills a jolly personality and always happy nature. With previous experience in local authority and education sector, Darsita stepped into the world of lighting. She not only handled the daily tasks of an accountant but also stepped in to help with sales. As ever with a helping nature she is always there when needed and her favourite phrase is “give me a couple minutes and it’ll be done!”

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