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LC'93 design & develop lighting schemes for the hospitality industry.

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Marine Light Corp specialise in marine grade standard and bespoke light fittings.

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Cube offer a wide range of affordable LED and lamp-replacement light fittings.

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About us


It's all in the process.

LIGHT CORPORATION is highly regarded as one of Great Britain’s foremost lighting manufacturing businesses.

Our wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas are sought after by the world’s leading architects and designers. They benefit from a unique blend of inspirational in-house solutions combined with the production of eminently practical, yet beautifully designed and engineered, standard products.

Staffed by a dedicated team, our comprehensive and extensive facilities are set in the foot-hills of the Chilterns. This location gives us the ability to provide cost effective manufacturing of holistic lighting solutions, whilst in the ideal position to supply hand crafted luminaries to your projects.


The same skill and design flair for standard products can be applied to individual projects and luminaires. Whilst our standard lighting solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements, we can also provide a product design service that can offer unique, Avant Garde designs that are completely bespoke to your project.

Whether a feature or statement piece, our engineers can work with you throughout the entire process. From concept design through to manufacturing detail, all of which is undertaken in a timescale to suit your program.

Quality Control

QMS (Quality management system) - Documents all aspects of a company’s design and operational controls, including monitoring, issue reporting, continuous improvements and training, in order to ensure that product design and manufacturing have statistically in-control repeatable product deliveries. It can also be a set of controls for other departments, such as human resources, Finance/accounting and corporate reporting.

Item Master - Using a MRP system, this is a List of all components that a manufacturer buys, builds or assembles into its products. The item master includes information like the size, shape, material, manufacturer, manufacturer part number and vendor for each component and is vital to our process.

AML (Approved manufacturer list) - A set of approved relationships between manufacturer parts and a company’s internally defined parts. Each relationship links a manufacturer’s part number to an internal part number and results from the R&D team’s identifying the third-party parts that can be used to satisfy the manufacturing demand for the internal part. All approved AML parts for each internal part can share a single inventory bin.