The Light Corporation Website FAQs


What is an LED?
An LED is a Light Emitting Diode.

Are LEDs energy efficient?
Yes they are but some types don't emit sufficient light to be included in the 25% requirement for Part L Building Regulations. For more technical information regarding LED's, LED drivers and wiring please refer to our LED information page or contact our customer services team on 01442 216200 who'll be happy to help and advise you.

Part L Compliance

What are the Part L Building Regulations about?
This regulation stipulates that in all refurbishments, new builds and commercial developments, a minimum of 25% of the light fittings must be energy efficient / energy saving. On all commercial projects The Light Corporation (TLC) are happy to advise you on how to achieve scheme compliance using TLC products.

Which luminaires are energy saving?
TLC luminaires are designed to be inherently energy efficient with the majority of our range being available with low voltage or wattage light sources and a choice of lamps including specifically energy efficient lamp technologies.

Beam Angles

What does beam angle mean?
The beam angle relates to the width of the light emitted by the lamp placed in the light fitting. The narrower the beam angle the more concentrated the light beam.

What beam angle should I choose?
If you want to spotlight a feature you should choose a lamp with a narrow beam angle. To produce a wash of light over a wider area choose a lamp with a wide beam angle.

What lamps do you provide with your fittings?
When you buy a light fitting complete with lamp we provide you with a medium beam angle lamp. If you require a narrow or wide beam lamp please stipulate this at the time of ordering.


Why do I need a transformer?
Many of our light fittings are 12 volt. This means that in order to run with the UK mains voltage (230 volt) a transformer must be used to convert the current from 230v to 12v.

How many transformers will I need?
It is preferable to use one transformer for each light fitting you install. This is why all our light fittings are supplied with the option of purchasing the fitting, lamp and transformer together.

Fire Rated Products

What is a fire rated light fitting?
A fire rated light fitting is one that has been tested and proved to maintain the integrity of any surface which is a fire barrier. It will have intumescent material built into it. This material expands if heated above a certain temperature and blocks any gaps around it so the fire is held back for as long as it would have been before the light fitting was installed. Blade and Aegis light fittings from TLC are fire rated products.

What is a fire barrier?
A fire barrier is any surface in a built space which would be capable of holding a fire back for a certain period of time. Most ceilings in ground floor rooms of buildings higher than one storey will provide a fire barrier to the rooms above. When a hole is made in the ceiling in order to accommodate a light fitting, the integrity of the fire barrier is breached.

Do I need to use a fire rated light fitting?
You need to assess whether installing your light fittings will mean that a hole is cut into a surface that constitutes a fire barrier. If there is nothing above the ceiling but empty space (for instance on the top floor of a building) then the ceiling would not be deemed to be a fire barrier which if breached would put property or lives at risk. Therefore it would not require you to install fire rated light fittings. Downstairs in this scenario most ceilings would constitute a fire barrier and therefore require fire rated light fittings to be installed.

What if the light fitting I want isn't fire rated?
If it is going to be installed in a fire barrier then you will need to fit it with a fire hood.

What is a fire hood?
A fire hood is soft bag made of intumescent material. It is placed into the hole before the light fitting is installed and will expand on heating to block any gaps which would breach the integrity of the surface as a fire barrier.

Wet Areas

What light fittings can I use in a wet area?
Wet areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms require you to use light fittings that will have a high resistance to water ingress. Water in these areas might be splashes of water or water carried in steam. The Ingress Protection rating for all TLC products is shown please use this as a guide to product suitability and if you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Services team on 01442 216 200.